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Svavelh – 2020 [EP]

svavelh – 2020 [ep]

Not a lot is to inform you all about the individual or individuals behind Sweden’s Svavelh. So let’s go right to the musical delight Svavelh has to offer…Funeral Doom Metal. That’s it, Funeral Doom Metal.

The slow riffs and melodies as well as the use of multiple vocals reminds a bit of the Irish scene; like a mix of Mourning Beloveth and Arcane Sun but with takin’ a gear back. Although speaking of multiple vocals, the main one has a more raspy slight Black Metal influenced vocal than a continues deep growl. One other vocal, the clean one which is used occasionally, doesn’t fit in as it doesn’t reach the level it should reach (like on “Cement”), it could fit in but not done in this way. With the use of keys there are also some atmospheric passages to accompany the misery.

Not a bad EP because it is played by the book, but this one will not stand out. (Ricardo)