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Mörkvind – Hypnotiskt Vanvett Av Skogens Irrgångar [EP]

mörkvind – hypnotiskt vanvett av skogens irrgångar [ep]


‘Hypnotiskt Vanvett Av Skogens Irrgångar’ is the the fifith release of this one-man project, it is following up on two previously released full-length albums as well as two EP’s. The five releases so far depict a distinct musical journey through snowy woods and ice cold landscapes. Yet, while the band name as well as the titles of the releases, this one roughly translates to something like “Hypnotic Insanity Of The Wanderings Of The Forest”, suggest that Mörkvind is from Sweden, it is actually the band of Daniele “Vindur” Valeri from Italy. But in these days of wide scaled globalization, who cares where a band originates from, it’s the music that should do the talking.

This 4-track EP has a total playing time of just over 20 minutes and indeed takes you for a ride through those misty and snowy forests and mountains. The musical backdrop for such a freezing cold trip is moody Black Metal that forever seems to stay within a mellow pace and keyboard driven grandeur. With its very upfront and leading use of keyboards it mostly reminds me on Vinterriket’s ‘Winterschatten’ album from 2003. But the comparison to this best work of Vinterriket doesn’t end with the keyboards, due to the programmed drums and a croaky vocal delivery it breathes the same sort of atmosphere.

This sort of music is becoming a rare breed, which makes Mörkvind quite a refreshing listen. Yet, while Mörkving definitely deliver the goods here, one could argue that the music lacks a bit of spice. At the second half of this EP everything seems to become a bit of a monotone affair and the tracks are hard to distinguish from each other. Especially ending the EP with a full Ambient track turns out not to be the best of ideas.

Yet, ‘Hypnotiskt Vanvett Av Skogens Irrgångar’ will definitely be an interesting listen for those who liked the hypnotic and more mellow or soothing work of Burzum, Elffor, Druadan Forest or even Summoning.


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