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Laere – Coagula [EP]

laere – coagula [ep]


Laere’s first EP ‘Solve’ was a great entry into the musical world of the German band, presenting a well-performed rendition of Icelandic Black Metal. I would have expected that the band would be recognized by a label based on that quality EP. However, the newest recordings of the band are once again released by their own hand and come in the shape of ‘Coagula’, another 7” EP released by the end of 2022.

On the newest EP the production sounds a tad less distorted and thereby a touch more clear, which helps the sound of the individual instruments (the bass is especially better in the mix) but comes at the cost of a tad of rawness. That does not mean it’s any less ferocious and dark, as opening track ‘Larvae’ quickly take us into a whirling maelstrom. It is here that the clearer sound of the guitars allows for the riffs to be more distinguishable, adding a further tone of melancholy to the sound of the band. The music still sounds very much like Svartidauði and Sinmara, coming closer in terms of dynamics. In particular the second track ‘Aurorae’ is a dark and twisted track, with that same type of skincrawling riffs and contrary atmosphere akin to Svartidauði’s ‘Flesh Cathedral’ and Sinmara’s sophomore album. Elements like a wonderfully placed solo and some haunting keyboards give Laere a touch of their own, making ‘Coagula’ both closer to their Icelandic peers, while simultaneously taking further steps on a unique path. Indeed, ‘Coagula’ is a clear step forward from the already impressive ‘Solve’. If the band feels most comfortable releasing their recordings under their own banner then by all means, please continue to do so. But I can’t help but feel that there should be plenty of labels that would do well to sign Laere for future releases. ‘Coagula’ is an excellent step forward and hopefully a great sign of things to come.


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