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Bleeding Gods – Bloody Symphony

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I cherish my own Death Metal scene, the Dutch one. We have a great “back-catalogue”, for such a small country. Some albums in the discography of Gorefest, Asphyx, Pestilence or Sinister are being considered as classicks by many, and most enjoy the tunes of Eternal Solstice, Mourning, Thanatos, God Dethroned, Acrostichon and Pentacle as well. With some new blood like Funeral Whore, Icons of Brutality, Bodyfarm and Entrapment, the Dutch scene still delivers. And Bleeding Gods can be the next one…after it was formed by Ramon Ploeg (ex-Houwitser), he got help from old acquaintances with quite some experience in Altar, Sinister and Supreme Pain. I have heard some preproduction (just guitars and drumcomputer) excerpts and it bear resemblance with some Dead Head riffs. Can’t say the same resemblance pops into my mind when I hear the end product, although the rhythm guitars and drums during the solo in the first track “Glorious Relentless Destiny” still has that “fuckin’fastDeadHeadThrash!!!” vibe. But above all, it’s straightforward Death Metal with lots of Thrash references. The emphasis is on “straightforward” and how the hell can I forget to mention the Slayer-alike solos! On the other hand, didn’t Slayer play Dead Head-covers? It’s a promising start and hopefully these 4 tracks will get them somewhere. Yes, I cherish the Dutch Death Metal scene! (Ricardo)