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Diabolique Nocturne Magicka – Aufklärung

diabolique nocturne magicka – aufklärung


One-man Black Metal band Diabolique Nocturne Magicka is run by the anonymous figure of Graf Kaalveg S. A. Starnesii, who self-released his project’s first offering, the ‘Aufklärung’ EP on a nice looking cassette tape.

The two main tracks of the EP sounds pretty much like demo recordings of the Finnish up and coming majestically Symphonic Black Metal band Moonlight Sorcery. It has a bit of the same sort of Heavy Metal leads as well as those melodic harmonics. The music is a tad rawer in nature, basically lacking the grand and bombastic sound of their Finnish peers. That both bands do share some resemblances is, however, a coincidence as both of the band’s recordings date from roughly the same time. Regardless, Moonlight Sorcery can be considered the main musical comparator.

The other three tracks are demo tracks and can be seen as some sort of bonus material to the two new tracks. On these tracks Graf Kaalveg does share an even wider soundscape. Going into different musical territories, ranging from Atmospheric Black Metal to Ambient, sometimes sounding rawer, sometimes more majestic. It might read as if it is a bit of a schizophrenic experience, and maybe it is, but for some reason, the music blends in perfectly. Weaving all the different angles, influences and inspirations together in a very convincing and organic piece of Black Metal art.

‘Aufklärung’ unfolds like a beautiful journey, in which you are treated to so many great moments it is hard to pick any favourites. Even when looking at the older recordings, which date back to 2012 and 2014, one can conclude that Graf Kaalveg is a genuinely creative and talented musician. This first EP (or demo, if you will) is definitely recommended for those who are interested in adventurous and fantasy-based Black Metal. And keeping in mind that this is only the band’s first official offering, I can only hope it will spawn some more music in the near future.

Diabolique Nocturne Magicka

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