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Black Mass Pervertor – Dionysian Rite

black mass pervertor – dionysian rite


Black Mass Pervertor has been around as a band for what would say is a rather long ass time. Hell, they started out their life as a band all the way back in the year 1998 (I’m truly dating myself here but that just so happens to be the year thatI graduated high school). Yet they took six more long years to even release their self made, produced, cdr, demo in the year 2004, ‘The Worst Release On Earth’. Since then Black Mass Pervertor have put out what I would call a ton of stuff but then again this is a release within the Black Metal/Punk subgenre tag. And actually that is pretty damn common in both Black Metal and Punk but look who I’m saying that to. Sorry for my momentary mansplaining.

‘Dionysian Rite’ here is Black Mass Pervertor’s third full-length album to date, having been released to the public, totally independently, in April of this year, 2023. The third full-length album, tenth official release overall, that is not including the two self released cdr demos, one of which I have mentioned already. That’s two demos (not the cdr ones), five EPs and the three aforementioned full-lengths. So, between 2007 (technically 2004) and now, the last nineteen years, they have been very busy. But does all that experience equate to anything in terms of this new realase before us?

And to answer that from what I know personally between this, newest album, and what I went back and checked out since listening to ‘Dionysian Rite’, I would have to say a little  bit of yes and a little bit of no. Yes, in terms of this newest outing just being better all around in every aspect (songwriting, production, presentation, everything). But no because (from what I’ve gathered) they are still the tried and true Black Mass Pervertor that they have always been. The quality is just better overall, period.

But none of that word salad above really tells you anything about what this album actually sounds like, that is besides the genre tag of Black Metal/Punk. Well, I would have to say that what I think ‘Dionysian Rite’ sounds like is Finnish Second Wave Black Metal mixed with Darkthrone-ish Punk tinged Black Metal. That one’s easy enough to understand right? Right.

The production of this album is probably a little more clear then what you would expect from anything with a genre tag of Black Metal or Punk. But that does not take anything away from the overall sound on ‘Dionysian Rite’. No. While, yes, it is still a clear-ish sound, with every note perfectly audible, they still seem to have a rather thick haze of filth and dirt covering the proceedings in a way that just you know you all want and desire to walk out smelling like.

Honestly I am rather surprised that I had never heard of this band before, because this is some pretty damn good shit. I know that the genres Black Metal and Punk do not usually like to associate with the word fun but, I’m sorry,  this album is just fun to listen to. You nod your head, you bang it a bunch, possibly even grasp at a few invisible oranges now and then but most of all you just have a bunch of fun. And honestly, isn’t that what listening to music is all about in the end?


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