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Adversaire – Froid [Demo]

adversaire – froid [demo]


This mysterious Canadian Black Metal band crossed my path first with the two Cosmic Cause Productions-released reissues of the band’s first demo and their split with Sensorial Numbness somewhere half way 2023. As anything that spawns from that label, or its preceding entity Pant Y Meddygon, on these first two outings Adversaire offered a rather crude but unique sounding take on the Black Metal genre.

And, pretty much in that line comes this newest offering, simply called ‘Froid’. Yet, this 2-track demo, together clocking just under eight minutes, is quite a step up from the previously releases material. While the music is still as crude and raw as it ever was, it definitely sounds fiercer due to a clearer production. Clear, at least in this case, doesn’t mean clean. It is murky and harsh, but it sounds sharper and therefore gives the music a lot stinging nature. It also allows the quirkiness of the music to shine through more than on the previously released recordings.

But it is not only a matter of a more transparent musical frame, the music itself is also more strange and uncommon. Both tracks are heavily laced with continuous and whirling melodies, although the older recordings were not free from melody either, but this is a different level. The raw and strident riffs and fast pounding drums seem to be built around the core of those melodies. But with the extremely harsh production the music certainly gets something of an unorthodox feeling.

In a sense the band fits quite well into that Canadian Black Metal tradition of sorts, into that scene of bands that drilled down to the core of Black Metal’s rawest nature and gave it a punky, bizarre and overall unconventional twist. I wouldn’t claim they are much alike bands such as Bone Awl, Akitsa or Ash Pool, but in a way they seem to share the same musical visions and idiosyncrasy.

So, cutting a long story short, if you thought Adversaire was quite an interesting band or if you are generally into things that are just a bit out of the ordinary, I am quite sure that these two tracks will be worth checking out as well.


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