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Worship Death – Promo MMXV

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Death Metal and South America. A wonderful combination! The Chilean scene is booming as acts like Atomic Aggressor, Putrid Evocation, Istengoat and Unaussprechlichen Kulten are great additions to the global Valhalla of Death. But also crawling from the pits of Hell are the priests of obliteration of Worship Death. The demo has a dirty audible demo sound with end 1980s Death Metal which are blended with some hardcore punk-vibes. The 2 tracks, “Morbid Fascination of Death” and “They Bring Chaos and Death” are the result of listening to Autopsy and Nihilist recordings for years. But with an occasional Misfits and Discharge album on the turntable as well, to keep it interesting. But also for the diversity, I think. So you can say you get treated with some end 1980s / early 1990s doomy Death Metal with some typical Swedish groove as well as some Punkish rhythms. As they are recording a new demo as we speak, it seems the new EP will be more doomier and heavier. For those who can’t wait can order this demo on tape at Distributiöns öf Death. And why would you come up with a reason not to like some South American Old School Death Metal? (Ricardo)