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Impetuous Burial – Demo 2020 [Demo]

impetuous burial – demo 2020 [demo]

Sometimes you put on an album and you get this feeling that you are about to do something completely ridiculous. Like waving your dick at a passing police car, spraying your wife’s hairspray all over your children’s pet and holding a lighter against it just to see how fast a burning rabbit can run. That’s the harmonious feeling I get, listening to Impetuous Burial.

A guy named Luke Cobb does everything, he’s like Satan’s own personal handyman and he’s great at his job. He growls like an evil demon that got stuck inside your moist basement. Underneath his obliterating grunts this Satan’s handyman is tinkering on some demolishing grooves, supported by a fat pulsating bass sound. This demo only lasts about eight minutes but due to the fact that I have the attention span of a four year old this short sonic blast is rather an advantage to me. “Slowly Scalding Heretic” opens with a groove that causes seismic activity on the Richter Scale. “Eternal Languish” closes the festivities with a short lugubrious solo.

So, Mr. Luke Cobb a.k.a Satan’s handyman, I bow my scabby head and wait patiently for some new monster grooves. (Franki_boj)