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Until Death Overtakes Me – Decay Into Irrelevance

until death overtakes me – decay into irrelevance


Although Until Death Overtakes Me’s spiritual father, Stijn van Cauter is slowly creeping up the mindblowing amount of no less than 100 solo albums, I have kind of lost contact with this one-man Funeral Doom act during the mid-00’s. Back in those days, especially 2003’s ‘Prelude To Monolith’ regularly found its way to my CD-player. But because we are now no less than twenty years later, I had quite a bit of catching up to do before I could properly start diving into Van Cauter’s latest piece of work.

But while the world around us evolves and changes so rapidly and drastically, it is a pleasant sensation that some things remain almost unusually ordinary and do not seem to change at all. One such thing turns out to be Van Cauter’s musical brain. In 20 years, musical development has actually been minimal and the band still sounds like it did before. Let me be clear, this is in no way meant as a disqualification, on the contrary I would venture to say. It is to be admired that someone stays close to his musical core, what he feel comfortable with.

The music itself, on the other hand, is far from comfortable. It is still heavy and works on your psyche. Though nowhere as oppressive or crushing as some other acts in the genre, Until Death Overtake Me still manages to impress. The music, still leaning heavily on old Pantheist, is equipped with thick layers of keyboards, deeply tuned guitars and an equally deep vocal performance, and, frankly, still sound as good and have stood the test of time just fine.

For a (relative) outsider, by the way, it may be quite a stretch, as this new work again encompasses a playing time of over 2 hours. Something you can’t possibly say flies by, but on the other hand it is something you can put on during the late evening hours while enjoying a good book.

Until Death Overtakes Me

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