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Forbidden Temple – VI [Demo]

forbidden temple – vi [demo]


Forbidden Temple are a Belgian underground Black Metal band, formed around 2016/2017 and as far as known consists of two main musicians: Tenebrae and Agaliarept. The band has released several limited demo tapes through the small Medieval Prophecy Records and they were on a split album with Ultima Thule, released by New Era Productions.

“Demo VI” is their last demo release up to date. It starts with deep distorted growls and sombre keyboards, immediately followed by “Clouds of Majesty”. A brutal raw guitar sound, whispered ghost-like vocals and keyboards in the background to add that eerie left hand path feeling to their music. Vocals range from whispers to raw necrotic incantations.

The occult feeling, as well as visions of dark satanic rituals, held in mouldy ruins and catacombs is perfectly reflected in the hypnotizing rhythm of the songs. Most of them are performed at mid-tempo although several of them shift into a higher gear and back, building up to an epic, haunting atmosphere…“Path to the Wisdom” of Darkness” and the truly sublime “Impure Seed” are devilish incantations of pure recited evil witchcraft .

“Drawing Down The Moon” from Beherit springs to mind, but also the early material from Samael and old Varathron / Rotting Christ. Forbidden Temple are in my opinion creepier and more convincing than a Perverted Ceremony or the legendary Baxaxaxa. I wonder if they haven’t been spot on the Nuclear War Now! radar by now.

None of the songs ever sound boring, repetitive, long winding nor predictable because there are plenty of subtle elements and sounds merged in the music. Kuddos for the sublime use of keyboards.

You like your necro Black Metal unearthly dark, sinister and rotten? Grab a copy of this demo if you see it. You won’t be disappointed!


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