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Heinous Rite – Rituals of Disgust [Demo]

heinous rite – rituals of disgust [demo]


Heinous Rite here are (possibly) a new and rather mysterious Blackened Death Metal band that comes from the state of New Mexico in the United States. And all of that there, is all we really know about Heinous Rite as a band, no date of when they became a band, no info on any band members at all, nothing except what they play and where they are from and I guess that is really all we need to know. No preconceived notions, no members from other bands, no expectations. Especially as seeing as this, ‘Rituals Of Disgust’, is actually just their very first demo. And my job is to review this so here we go prepared with very little knowledge and a lot of excitement.

Upon multiple listens of Heinous Rite’s ‘Rituals Of Disgust’ I have formed a conclusion from my findings to some part in this mystery. I still have absolutely no clue who these people are but I feel like I understand the wells they are pulling from when mixing (writing) these delectable tunes all up. And those wells are deep and quite legendary, pulling buckets from the likes of Immolation and Arkhon Infaustus with a nice partial bucket of Dead Congregation and Mitochondrion respectively. And if that cocktail sounds tasty to you, then let me tell you, dear reader, it most certainly is.

For that is one hell of a mix that Heinous Rite draw from and make into one extremely tasty and intoxicating drink. Seven tracks, one being an intro, and none of them top five minutes in length, which makes this demo just under twenty-four minutes of some extremely fucking delicious Blackened Death Metal. Like seriously, this demo could live in the pantheons along side releases from the outstanding bands listed above. And let us remember just that, this is just Heinous Rite’s demo and it’s this fucking good. ‘Rituals Of Disgust’ most definitely does not do that, disgust.

Heinous Rite

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