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Inthraced – The Risings Chaos

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High quality Melodic Death Metal from Finland! Surprisingly high I may add. Nowadays the bands who are playing Melodic Death Metal are having way to many modern influences and mostly a vocalist who thinks it necessary to use a grunt, emo-scream and clean vocals. If you have great clean vocals, don’t you think you better use it in a band who or playing a fitting style or another music style altogether? It gives me the shivers, and not in a good way. Lucky for me there is Inthraced, a band who is playing their Melodic Death Metal in the late 1990s vein which has some melodic Black Metal parts as well (sometimes even a bit Power Metal like). Although the youngsters look like 17-18 years of age, they know how to play their instruments. The music varies from fast to a small intermezzo and after the intermezzo they go fast again with room for good melodies, solos and everything. The musicianship on tracks like “Beyond the Veil of Time” or A New Aeon’s Birth” is beyond good. When playing the slower parts it has a late Hypocrisy vibe, but I cannot deny a Children of Bodom touch as well. And I’m referring to the “Something Wild” album of 1997, which I still consider a fine one. Inthraced = Impressive, with capital I! (Ricardo)