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Nocturnal Vomit – Infernal Ascension Of The Gods

nocturnal vomit – infernal ascension of the gods


Nocturnal Vomit is some kind of a strange band. I’m not entirely sure, but the band is said to have its roots in Australia, where it was founded by members of Destruktor and Excarnated. On some strange, and to me unknown, way the band got stranded in Greece, where it still is till today. Though, these four remaining members of the band managed to record this demo-tape somewhere at the end of 2003, yet it is unclear whether this demo was released in 2003 or 2004. Yet, I think it is still worth the few words that I spent on this band from the land of ancient cultures…

Nocturnal Vomit plays the thing that you might expect when seeing the cover, an old school mix of metal styles, exactly the way it was played about a decade ago. That means as much as a mixture of black, death and thrash metal, maybe even with that grindy edge to it, that you might recognize from a band like Beherit (the early releases this is). I could also say that this band, maybe without knowing it, play the Greek metal, and that is certainly a plus to me, music that is pretty much in the vein of Rotting Christ in their best days (although they are doing fine with their last release again) or perhaps even like that other godly band, Varathron. It may be clear that these hordes from Hellas play a very low-fi kind of metal that won’t please a lot of people, and it may also be clear that this is not your “instrumental show-off”-band. This demo mainly floats on the nostalgic moods that it certainly breathes. It reminds me so much on the countless old demo tapes and EPs I have that were released at the end of the eighties and the beginning on the nineties.

So, all glamour metal heads and “good production” fetishists/gays: stay away and avoid this like the deadliest disease. People who like their metal more underground and old school, or those who miss the old days, take your chance. This is perhaps also a good chance for younger/newer metal fans who like to sniff on the early days of metal, when it began to sound extreme and filthy. And, no, this demo is not really original and doesn’t sound great, all in all this is just not the greatest of demos, but it find this one highly enjoyable. Owh, and the thing is limited so you’d better hurry up…


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