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Venomous Breath – Promo 2014 [Demo]

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Does Chris Reifert really know how many bands he and the other sick fucks of Autopsy have influenced throughout the years? Does he? Well, here you have another one… Venomous Breath from Brazil who have embraced the mighty art of robbing graves and other acts of the unspeakable. Besides Autopsy they also have spent a Slaughterday in the early Swedish Scene a desecrated the old corpse of Master. To make this promo complete, the vocalist sounds like his throat just got slit, it sounds putrid…tortured moans of agony if you will. The promo is meant as a teaser for the debut album, which is released by Hell Records when you are reading this. A very enjoyable demo from this Brazilian death squad. Brutal, Raw, Effective. (Ricardo)