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Black Lycanthropy – Restoring Satanic Honor And Purity [EP]

black lycanthropy – restoring satanic honor and purity [ep]


For those who have delved a little deeper into Black Metal than the interchangeable artists on the Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, Century Media or even Season Of Mist rosters, one look at this release will be enough to know what they are dealing with. Just count the hints: the logo with sigil, black-and-white photo of a musician well equipped with spikes and corpse paint, titles with “Satanic” and werewolf-related words, as well as this musician’s pseudonym (Infernal Werewolf)… If this doesn’t sound like Satanic Warmaster, I really don’t fucking know what does.

Just like on the previously released ‘For Satan’s Eternal Glory’-demo, this new self-released digital EP is pretty much a homage to the Finnish school of Black Metal. In the review for ‘For Satan’s Eternal Glory’ I described the music of keeping the middle of early Armagedda and Satanic Warmaster/Sargeist. That still pretty much sums up what Black Lycanthropy sounds like, although the tipping point is increasingly shifting towards the Satanic Warmaster/Sargeist side. Which makes ‘Restoring Satanic Honor And Purity’ even more a through and through Finnish Black Metal affair, but mind you, not at all in a negative way. In fact, Black Lycanthropy is offering some of the best Finnish Black Metal I have heard in a long time – let’s for a moment just forget that Scott “Infernal Werewolf” Thayer (also in the equally great Genocidal Rites and Satanism) is a Detroit, USA citizen.

The predominantly fast Black Metal is excellently and skilfully woven together with the whirlwind of mesmerizing melodies and icy screams, the drums might be a bit more standard but still know how to enhance and highlight the great riffs. Those riffs! Infernal Werewolf really knows his craft. That last demo was already convincing, but ‘Restoring Satanic Honor And Purity’ is really of a completely different level.

Black Lycanthropy

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