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Kirous – VII [Demo]

kirous – vii [demo]


Literally on the very edge of 2023, on December 30th, hard working Finnish one-man force Kirous releases yet another short but sweet digital demo. Like the title already suggests, this is the project’s seventh demo release after their inception around 2020, yet additional to these seven demos also a live recording and two compilations saw the dark of night. So, indeed the anonymous person behind Kirous definitely leads a productive life…

None of the recordings ever clocking over 15 minutes in total with some of them even way under 10 minutes, so Kirous usually goes for the short sharp shocks and to this tradition ‘VII’ is no exception. In fact, with just over six minutes this by far is the shortest to date. Musically however, nothing is so different from its previous recordings. After a short intro with a nice and soothing strumming guitar, the for Kirous so typically primitive Black Metal knocks you right off your socks.

For those who are not in the knowing, Kirous is a Finnish Black Metal band but does not necessarily sounds Finnish. The pummelling character of the music has more in common with the current slew of bands paying homage to the unpolished nature of Ildjarn’s take on the genre. This raucous nature of the music combined with the cold tuning of the guitars, the screechy vocals and the rather chaotic style of mixing up all the instruments make Kirous definitely stand out from the pack when it comes to its native Black Metal scene. The rather primal nature of the music is further enhanced by the start-stop kind of song writing. The intro aside, there is no leading in or fading out, just straight forward up into the true Black Metal aesthetics.

The previous demos were released on the two aforementioned compilations, that both appeared on cassette tape and vinyl, so judging on these releases it might be a matter of time before also this seventh demo will end up on one of those anthologies. Yet, for now the interested should head out make do with a digital version.


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