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Torturerama – It Begins at Birth [EP]

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Tortureama from Belgium are yet another group of angry young lads, weaving dark musical yarns of audio violence, wielding the legendary Boss HM2 to send their bludgeoning point home. They feature Stefan Culot on bass and lead throat abuser, Dave Hannes on chainsaw 1, Raf Meukens taking up the second amputation machine, and Christophe Piette holding down the band’s malevolent pulse and bringing the thunder on the skins. Their sound is evil, non-melodic, and reeks of Autopsy worship, which I love to no end. There’s also a healthy dose of LHP-era Entombed to be found here, and it makes for a damned satisfying listening experience. The drums are organic sounding and well produced, solid as a brick and well played. The guitars grind in the way that only the HM2 chainsaw sound can, and it’s well produced here, full of grinding buzz, yet never losing definition. The catchy riffs are definitely covered in brain glue, and will have little trouble getting repeated play in your stereo and your noggin. There’s a good mix of mid-tempo grooves, as well as faster D-beat passages, with the songs favoring the latter approach. Fine by me, I like it fast and hard, if you know what I mean. Fans of raging old school Sunlight Studios death metal will be quite chuffed with this very solid release from Torturerama. Bass guitar is unsurprisingly non existent, which is a shame when such legendary albums as Cannibal Corpse’s The Bleeding and Solstice’s Pray benefit so greatly from having killer basslines that are actually audible. Vocals are a tad low in the pogrom, yet appropriately gurgled and the overall mix sounds filthy and freshly grave-puked. This bands takes influences from some of the most revered death metal bands in existence, and barks out their own take, proving that it may just be true that there is no such thing as ‘too much of a good thing’. This is an excellent chunk of disemboweling buzzsaw metal, and definitely belongs in the collection of every OSDM fan. (D.L. Beaven)


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