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Frantic Aggressor – Land Mine Logic

frantic aggressor – land mine logic

Frantic Aggressor (brilliant name) are a Blackened Thrash band from Berlin, Germany and “Land Mine Logic” is their debut album.

Frantic Aggressor delve deep into hell with a razor sharp guitar attack and pummeling drum assault that goes straight for the throat. “Transylvania Hunger” meets “Infernal Overkill” in an evil orgy of ritualistic Heavy Metal. The fast riff attacks and visceral vocals are accompanied by a cold sound production that stands blade to blade with the misanthropic and nihilistic themed violence. Having frantic tremelo picking and plenty of blast beats cascaded behind a mixture of slow, mid-pace and fast passages. The raw cold sound of hatred is powerfully kept up across the 40 some minute play time.

“Land Mine Logic” is a perfect showing of German Blackend Thrash and highly recommended. I also have to mention “Final Spasms of a Dying Multiverse” is an infernal song and one of the darkest of the album. (Ted Gloom)