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Order ov Riven Cathedrals – Göbekli Tepe

order ov riven cathedrals – göbekli tepe

A massive release from the relatively new Italian duo Order ov Riven Cathedrals, their second since their inception in 2017. Technical death metal according to Metal Archives (a description which is actually quite fair), the project reminds me most of the mighty black metal hybrid Anaal Nathrakh. Though the riffing is fitting of the genre distinction given above, the atmosphere has the same unhinged darkness, similar industrial elements, the same sense of reckless abandon, as if the duo is moments from flying completely off the rails at any given moment. “Göbekli Tepe” is quite a ride. The album starts off manic, continues at a manic pace, and ends maniacally.

In 46 minutes, across ten tracks, the Order manages to exhaust the listener completely with this wild ride. Though the album sounds uncontrolled, the composition and playing is actually tightly controlled. En Sabah Nur (all instruments) and 12 (vocals) handle their individual roles brilliantly. A less deft hand would have this album falls into a wasteland of boring mush with all parts angling off in various pointless directions. Here, the duo has caught the proverbial genie in the bottle. Pop the cork and listen in. (Hayduke X)