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Förgjord – Ruumissaarna pt. II – Kuinka Hiipuu Liekki Hulluinkin [EP]

förgjord – ruumissaarna pt. ii – kuinka hiipuu liekki hulluinkin [ep]


The Finnish horde of Förgjord was formed as early as 1995, and has featured a stable lineup consisting of original members Valgrinder (guitar and bass) and Prokustes Thanatos (vocals and until 2017 also drums) together with drummer BLK, who joined in 2013. Despite that lengthy history that includes amongst others five full-length albums, the band has remained a bit of an underground gem. In 2021 they undertook the daunting task to start recording the Ruumissaarna trilogy, of which the ’Ruumissaarna pt. II – Kuinka Hiipuu Liekki Hulluinkin’ EP is the first release.

On the previous albums Förgjord had established a sound that was heavily rooted in the raw Finnish Black Metal sound, with clear emphasis on Heavy Metal based riffs and strongly present melodies combined with raw rhythm guitars and vocals. While there was always a strong degree of rocking and grooving going on, the last full-length album ‘Laulu Kuolemasta’ had focused on this more than ever before. It’s against this backdrop that we have to view ’Ruumissaarna pt. II’, an EP consisting of four tracks that were recorded in the same sessions as the other parts of the trilogy. In the case of this EP, the band decided to self-release it as a concept album, for which novelist Harri Linnera wrote the story of a tragic play of Finnish man.

The opening track ‘Maailmaan Paiskattu’ takes the time to build up the story, only to burst out halfway through the track. This does not take long however, and the song even slows down to Doom Metal tempo riffs drenched in tragedy. This shifting in pace is something that comes back throughout the EP, and you never quite know what to expect next. At the same time, the musical elements that we’ve come to expect from Förgjord are all there. The quite beautiful melodies carrying the songs, the bellowing vocals prominently placed in the mix and the so typical feel for melancholy and groove that the Finnish Black Metal scene is known for are ever present. And the songs do feel connected as a whole, with a natural sense of progression and building intensity into the musical climax of ‘Kaunan Ja Katkeruuden Ehtoollinen’, making the EP very organic and feel like a unified concept album.

Förgjord are back with a concept EP that feel slighlty closer to their albums ‘Uhripuu’ and ‘Ilmestykset’ than the last full-length. ’Ruumissaarna pt. II’ is filled with raw Finnish Black Metal with rocking rhythms and memorable melodies but the band never feels predictable. The way they’ve taken elements so characteristic for the scene yet make it sound fairly unique once again shows the band is one of the more interesting underground Black Metal bands that Finland has to offer.


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