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Bloodsoaked Visions – By Order Of The Black Temple [Demo]

bloodsoaked visions – by order of the black temple [demo]


Bloodsoaked Visions is a new musical entity of Vithnagh, who is also behind Blót and in Bartzabel. Apparently Vithnagh was not able to express all his musical ideas into those two projects and started another. Sometimes it is questionable whether there is really a need for another (solo-) project, especially when the music is not all that different. Such is the case with Blót and Bloodsoaked Visions. Both bands can classified as Raw Black Metal with strong ties to Lo-Fi aesthetics.

Having said that, I also have state that while the music is pretty much alike, the quality is pretty impressive from both solo-projects. If we’re drilling things down to the nitty gritty of things, Bloodsoaked Visions is a bit darker and more oppressive sounding and has an almost doomy atmosphere. Another big difference is that, at least on this first demo, the musical of Bloodsoaked Visions is entirely instrumental.

Instrumental music is something that strongly divides listeners into lovers and haters. For sure, instrumental music tends to ask a bit more of the creativity and song writing skills of the musician(s) and that for sure counts double for a Black Metal band that lurks in the shadows of Lo-Fi territories. But that it can also turn out fine, even in this niche genre, proves a band like Bogatyr, for example. The absence of vocals is not at all something that makes the music less attractive, maybe on the contrary. It makes you focus more on the riffs, the great dissonance and harmonies that otherwise might have gotten lost in the bigger picture of things. Especially when the music is going down into the more dragging, almost doomy, parts, it is getting really interesting. It shows Vithnagh’s creative ideas and overall song writing skills.

I am not sure whether it was the idea to keep Bloodsoaked Visions exclusively instrumental or that this demo was just part of Vithnagh’s path in developing and perfecting a certain musical identity. But judging ‘By Order Of The Black Temple’ on its own, I think Vithnagh delivered a solid start for this newest project.

Bloodsoaked Visions

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