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Mithrandir – Towards the Spires of Dol Guldur

mithrandir – towards the spires of dol guldur


The connection between Lord of the Rings and Metal is one that has lasted almost as long as the music genre has been around. Legions of bands including Cirith Ungol, Gorgoroth and Burzum owe their name to Tolkien’s vast imagination. And bands that dedicate not only their name but also their albums and lyrics to its lore are just as common. As is the case with the band Mithrandir from Finland, who after being formed in 2022 released their debut album with ‘Towards the Spires of Dol Guldur’ in early 2023.

The music of Mithrandir on their first record typifies itself as raw Black Metal mixed with some Dyngeon Synth elements. The Dungeon Synth is not strictly limited to intros and intermezzos, as synthesizers are also delicately woven into the songs. However, the furious Punky and Grindy approach to the (programmed) drums combined with a raw guitar sound and raspy vocals tip the balance strongly to the Black Metal side. This Black Metal is based on the likes of Satanic Warmaster and maybe a touch of Sargeist, infused with old Darkthrone and a touch of Burzum and maybe a bit of the groove of a band like Craft too. Add some obvious Heavy Metal riffs and harmonies and that pretty much covers what to expect from ‘Towards the Spires of Dol Guldur’. Raw Black Metal at the core, yet the aforementioned other genre influences elevate the music to more than just that. Mithrandir shows their skills in songwriting and compositions, keepings things harsh yet blending it with a melancholic and at times epic atmosphere, such as in the standout tracks ‘Khazad-Dûm (Through Halls of the Children of Aulë)’ or ‘Guardians of Fangorn’ (which also contains has some nice melodic solos). Long story short, Mithrandir delivers an excellent debut of Dungeon Synth infused raw Black Metal, worthy of publishing beyond the self-released digital format that it’s available in for now.


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