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Nocturnal Vomit – Cursed Relics

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I can already assure you…if you are into Old School Death Metal but with a certain ancient atmosphere, I have one of the 2012 highlights for you! Nocturnal Vomit managed to create an mandatory album in the vein of 1990s good old Asphyx/Soulburn (not only some riffs could have easily been Eric Daniels-creations, there are even Bob Bagchus like drum patterns), Pentacle (the Wannes Gubbles / Martin van Drunen vocals) and Sadistic Intent. The way Nocturnal Vomit is performing, the sound and music is almost genuine. Like they were one of the creators back in those days. The edge of this album is the slight “Greek Black Metal” sound that has been woven through on “Cursed Relics”, so you also hear a bit of Rotting Christ’s “Thy Mighty Contract” and Varathron’s “His Majesty at the Swamp” in it. No, I can’t come up with any negative or even average remark. If you ask me, “Cursed Relics” is an underground hidden gem which should get a lot more attention! (Ricardo)