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Graveyard – The Coffin Years

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Ah, my favorite Graveyard as…let’s be honest…the Swedish one who gets a lot of attention, is just a bunch of crap. Why? Well, it’s not Old School Death Metal, that’s fuckin’ why! “The Coffin Years” is a compilation with tracks of splits and all kind of rare and exclusive material. You will hear Old School Death Metal with a lot of hints towards the SweDeath scene. On this compilation covers of Bolt Thrower, Celtic Frost, Motörhead, Carcass, Darkthrone and Sodom are present as well as 3 live tracks. Just check out the track “What Dwells Beneath”, which is from the split with Deathevokation, and you will witness a great early Entombed / Dismember-like track. Nice compilation. (Ricardo)