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Förgjord – Ruumissaarna pt. 1

förgjord – ruumissaarna pt. 1


Veterans of the underground Finnish Black Metal scene, Förgjord had undertaken the ambitious project of releasing the ’Ruumissaarna’ trilogy. The songs recorded during these sessions, of which the title translates to ‘Sermon of Deceased’, have produced three entities unified in theme that should be seen as seperate chapters. This started with the ’Ruumissaarna pt. II – Kuinka Hiipuu Liekki Hulluinkin’ EP released in 2021, a self-released concept album with four tracks flowing naturally into a whole story about the tragedy of Finnish man. Although numerically the second, it ended up being released before the sixth full-length album in the history of the band, the 2022-released ’Ruumissaarna pt. I’.

On this album, the band focusses thematically on the darker side of Finnish Man’s nature. Once again released on Werewolf Records, the same label that had released the band’s previous three full-length records, the latest album consists of ten tracks filled with Finnish Black Metal. On the previous albums the band had established their own mix of raw Finnish Black Metal laden with melody, typical Finnish melancholy and a solid dose of rocking riffs. And it’s all these elements we find back on ’Ruumissaarna pt. I’ as well. Whereas the preceding album ‘Laulu kuolemasta’ had emphasized the rocking aspect of their music a little bit more, ’Ruumissaarna pt. I’ feels closer to the 2019 released album ‘Ilmestykset’, at times even harboring some of the almost Bathory-esque epic feeling of that album. Compared to ’Ruumissaarna pt. II’ the band has taken a bit more freedom in individual songs to add elements like prominent bass riffs that wouldn’t fit the more organically unified songs on the EP. At the same time, a track like ‘Kirous Veressä pt. 2’ or ‘Kuolon Valtaama’ have the same sense of tragedy and beautiful lingering melodies as the EP. As before, the distorted vocals of Prokustes Thanatos are fairly prominent in the mix, which add to the rawness of the music. It even gets quite intense when a double layer of vocals are added, but I personally like that ferocity. What typifies the music of Förgjord is that they effortlessly and unpredictably mix up the different aspects of their music. This never comes at the cost of coherence, on the contrary, it adds a level of challenge and freshness to a path that has been paved by many bands. Striking the balance between recognizable, fresh, unique and catchy is hard, but Förgjord have once again nailed that on this album.

With a sound that’s raw, melodic and intense and music that sounds instantly familiar but never gets predictable or too much like that or that band, ’Ruumissaarna pt. I’ is another great album by Förgjord. Two excellent releases into the trilogy, these are once again showcases of just how much this band has to add to the Finnish Black Metal scene. I’m looking forward to what ’Ruumissaarna pt. III’ will bring!

Werewolf Records

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