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Förgjord – Ilmestykset

förgjord – ilmestykset


First off, my name is LOD666. I have been in the hard rock/heavy metal scene since the late 70’S and am footsteps away from 50. I have had a band since the early 90’S and played in a few others as well. Enough about me, except the fact is I’m a staunch supporter of free speech which includes all forms of art such as, of corpse, musick.

To begin, Forgjord is from Finland and this is their 4th studio album entitled “Ilmestykset”. They have a rich history of releases dating back to 2001 and went other a couple other names since 95. Like most Filthy Finnish bands, they share a member being the drummer who also plays in Phlegein, a name that should be familiar. I must admit, I’ve been a fan for quite some time now, but never expected what I heard the first listen. To begin, I wish I knew Finnish as the cut n paste layout, all in Finnish, suits the album perfectly with it’s dreadfully grim imagery. You know what you are getting yourself into by the layout alone. And of corpse, the musick is just as terrifying. The intro confirms this as it’s unsettling to say the least. Then…..the first song kicks in like a pissed mule, kicking you dead in the face. Riffs, riffs, riffs…..and even more riffs that last the entirety of the album. Pure Finnish Filth! The vocals are some of the sickest and best out there currently. Layeted screams, tortured yells, talking, chanting, etc. give this a sense of dread and impending doom. Lot’s of 80’s/early 90’s influence in the songwriting which is amazing.

This is raw as road rash, yet you can distinguish every instrument clearly. The perfect mix to a damn near perfect Black Metal record. The cd comes with a bonus track that kills and is not just filler as a great bonus. If you like BM with a horrifying vibe and actual songs, seek this one out! In my top 5 so far this year!

Werewolf Records

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