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Worship Death

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The South American Death Metal sound has always been something special, from the first tunes of acts like Sarcofago, Sepultura, Vulcano, Hadez, and Mortem you are able to hear some extreme violence with ditto production. On this day acts like Atomic Aggressor, Putrid Evocation, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Coffin Curse and Horrifying are the new blood in the scene to carry on the distribution of pure filth. This time we will introduce WORSHIP DEATH, Old School Death Metal from Chile and just released their first demo…(Ricardo)

It is always a boring question, but how did you guys started? If my information is correct only F666 (Bass/Vocals) is involved with another band as well, called Anticristor.
Hell-o! Patrick here, vocals/guitar. Well, Worship Death was born last year, in July, after the demise of a previous band where I played with Cursed (drums). This band was not doing almost anything and I had a lot of plans, so the birth of Worship Death was natural. Also, I had the idea to create this band for a long time, even as a solo project… Finally, after several rehearsals and with the idea of recording the “Promo MMXV” in mind, I invited F666 to play the bass, because he is a long time friend. With this line-up, the circle was closed. F666 plays in Anticristo (Black/Death Metal) and Cursed plays in Ancient (traditional Doom/Heavy)

The music of Worship Death is influenced by the Swedish and American Old School scene, as well as some Hardcore/Punk. Which bands/albums are important for Worship Death in general, and which bands/albums were inspirations for “Promo MMXV”?
There’s a lot of bands and albums. Maybe some are not noticeable in our music but really are a great influence. Bands like Slayer, Nihilist/ Entombed, Dismember, Autopsy, Repulsion, Death, Carnage, Morbid Angel, Grave, Bastard Priest, Misfits, Asphyx, Darkthrone, Repugnant, Discharge, Metallica, Exodus, Minor Threat, Sodom, Sepultura, Dissection, Doom, Bad Religion, Possessed, old Amorphis, etc, and albums like Left Hand Path, Severed Survival, Like an Ever Flowing Stream, Horrified, Earth A.D, Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, Reign in Blood, Dark Recollections, Under the Hammer of Destruction, Leprosy, Into the Grave and many many more (if I write all influences I will never end!)

Of course, you’re not the first one who mix Death Metal influences with Punk/Hardcore ones, but tell us why Punk/Hardcore is important to you and gives you the urge to blend the two styles in Worship Death?
To be honest, it took me several years before I start getting into Hardcore Punk, but once this style became part of my musical tastes, I could not get rid of it anymore … For me, it’s definitely very important. I like the energy, the attitude, the sound and, of course, the quality of this style. These characteristics can fit perfectly into Death Metal; also many bands that I like a lot have the same influences than me. Moreover, we cannot forget that Punk was very important in the birth of extreme metal, giving an extra dose of power and violence to traditional heavy metal, resulting in the birth of Thrash Metal, and later in Death Metal. Therefore, I think that any follower of the violent and heavy music should listen HC/Punk. Although the EP will have many HC influences, the songs that I’m creating now are more Punk and with more D-Beat rhythms. Anyway, always we will be a Death Metal band, those are just influences.

Do you still follow the Punk/Hardcore scene nowadays?
I listen a lot of HC/Punk , but just the same old bands.

What are the inspirations for the lyrics? The usual Death and Gore or are there anti-religious themes as well?
The inspiration is the fascination with death and different stories that come to my mind. There it is no something specific, like movies or books, these ideas just come out of nowhere. In addition, some lyrics will come with stuff like catalepsy or anti-religious and negative points of view, but related to death. All Worship Death lyrics have and will have concepts about death.

You released the promo as a CDR, limited to 100 copies, yet Distributiöns öf Death (Malaysia) contacted you guys to release it as a cassette as well. Can you tell us more about the deal with Distributiöns öf Death? Can you tell us more about this new label, which is specialized in releasing cassettes?
Nicholas from Distributiöns öf Death, wrote us after hearing the “Promo MMXV” on Bandcamp. He told me he was a distributor and he wanted to start editing bands. We would be their second release (the first was Lavatory’s “Morbid Terror”). He offered us 200 tapes and well, everything went great. Distributiöns öf Death is a very responsible and committed label, as it met all the agreement. I hope that we can work again with DöD in the future.

And are you guys thrilled about the fact it has been released the old school analog way as well? Are you planning to release it as a 7” as well?
It’s great that “Promo MMXV” has been edited in tape. Originally it was called “promo” and not demo because demos must be tapes, not CD, nor in CD-R format. We had an offer to edit the promo in 7″ but after several emails exchanged, the label did not write back again. It would have been great, anyway we are more than satisfied with tape edition.

How about new material? You stated: “This year there will be a new EP that will follow the same line of “Promo MMXV”, but it will be heavier, more suffocating and more varied”. Can you tell us more about the forthcoming material?
We’ll record 5 songs, which will be 3 new and 2 from the promo. Basically it will be a more varied material because there will be more doomy and dense riffs, other times more crust, more punk riffs, double bass drums, etc. These five songs are a general sample of what Worship Death is, where we do not want to pigeonhole into a single style of Death Metal. I love Swedish Death Metal, the Florida Death Metal scene, Finnish Death Metal, bands from Netherlands, so I want to capture many ways to play Death Metal.

It seems you got signed by Apocalyptic Productions, an underground Death/Black Metal label from Chile who also released material from Istengoat, Praise the Flame and Putrid Evocation. How did you get in contact with them? Will they release the new EP?
I have known Marco (owner of Apocalyptic) for several years. He’s a good friend who is really dedicated to his label. He’s honest, does band promotions very well and gives them a fair deal. The agreement between Worship Death and Apocalyptic Prod was set even before of the promo edition because I showed him this recording. He really liked it and he offered me a deal. I told him about the next EP, and well, deal done. Both parts trust each other, so everything all will be great. In the last semester of this year it should be available for maniacs around the world. They will be 500 copies on CD.

If you could record 5 covers for an EP, which tracks would you give a Worship Death treatment?
Uff… a hard question, but in this moments I choose these songs: Slayer – Necrophobic, Repulsion – Acid Bath, Dismember – Defective Decay, Entombed – Carnal Leftovers, Misfits – Devilock.

The Chilean Underground Old School Death Metal scene is doing well at the moment. What is your view on your own scene at the moment? Can you introduce us to some fine underground acts that deserve support?
In my opinion, right now the Chilean scene is one of the best in the world and has the best bands in our history. I respect several bands of the past, but I think that never before we have had so many good bands at the same time. I recommend (apart from the bands that you have written in this interview) Uttertomb, Eaten Alive, Ancient Crypts, Invincible Force, Miserycore, Infernal Slaughter, Oraculum, Putrid Yell, Capilla Ardiente, Mental Devastation, Intenebras, Ripper, Calvario, Attacker Bloody Axe. Feretro, Expiation, Butamacho, Deathly Scythe, Necroripper, Unholy Force, Metastasis, Slaughbbath, Force of Dakness, Procession, Evil Madness, Perversor, Austral and many others. These are the bands I remember now.

You’re quite the chauvinistic bastard, aren’t you…one of the best scenes in the world at the moment, ha! But seriously, do you also have the explanation why all kind of quality bands and releases are popping up at the moment? The distribution is getting better, more small labels, better possibilities to promote the sound of death…or just a coincidence?
Hahaha, there may be some chauvinistic bastards, but I don´t know anyone. I think the main thing is the quality of the bands. That is the most important, because if there’s no quality, the rest doesn’t matter. Moreover, I know a lot of musicians/bangers and they have the right attitude. In addition, many foreign labels have begun to put their attention into our scene, then this causes that the national stuff to have better distribution, and here are many labels that do their job very well, such as Apocalyptic, Mushantufe, Underground Defenders, Tyrannus, Veins Full of Wrath, etc. There are also studies that are doing fantastic recordings, like DM6, Etagord, Maestro 6, etc. In addition, zines are also doing a great job, and the gigs are more frequent and higher quality. Obviously, not everything is good, there will be always posers and lots of shit, but I prefer to focus on the positive things.

That’s all for now, thanks for introducing Worship Death to us…
Thank you for the interview. This is the first interview that I answer so I was pretty excited hahaha. Cheers! Feel the putrid scent of death!!!!

Worship Death

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