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Torturerama – Close Encounters of the Morbid Kind

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With so many (DM) Bands nowadays either delivering overproduced garbage or labeling their clean guitar disgrace as ‘death metal’; Torturerama from Belgium are showing a lot of people how it’s done properly. Heavily disorted, downtuned guitars, raw vocals, organic production and non of that technical crap. This is the bands first full length release, although they got some practice on two EPs before. Absolutely heavy death metal is what you should expect here and luckily; that is what you get. These guys are cooking their own HM-2 death metal dish; executing the songs perfectly and keeping the listener interested. What I enjoyed is that the guitar sound isn’t ‘ripped-off’ from another band, some buzzsaw bands sound exactly like another because they either use the same Amplifier, Guitars or Studio. The Production is absolutely fitting; raw and original, which I think is very important. Recording the same kind of music in the same studio as everyone else is fatal with so many bands around. Bands have to distinguish themselves and this is what Torturerama is doing. I enjoyed that this record actually sounds like a real band playing and not like a completely sterile, computer made project. The Songs are in the mid tempo area, with a few excursions into faster or slower sections giving the songs a bit more of their own character. I really enjoyed this release, being more mature than their previous but not at all boring. I’m eager to see this Belgian deity live! (Marc)