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Brutality – Ruins of Humans [EP]

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Am I the right person to spend a few words on this 2 track EP? I consider “Scream of Anguish” and “When the Sky Turns Black” as top quality Death Metal albums and I have listened both albums endlessly after I got them on tape after tapetrading. The grunt of Scott Reigel, the great leads and solos, the variation within the songs itself due the strong rhythms, tracks like “Cries of the Forsaken”…Yes, both albums are true hidden gems in my book and both albums are still played regularly. But that doesn’t mean this will already be a positive review because the Brutality logo is on it. The last effort to reform became a disappointment. We of Vampire Magazine interviewed them right away after the breaking news and received answers which all have a positive vibe… ofcourse…not long after all the positive words, Brutality disbanded once again. So I felt free to be a bit skeptical on the next effort to revive. But fuckin’ bloody hell, I can’t be more wrong…”Rise to Humans” beholds 2 tracks who are totally 100% Brutality. The title track last for 8 minutes, but they have managed to make it a pleasant ride. The classic “Scream of Anguish”-lineup doesn’t let the fan down for one second. Every riff, vocal line, lead, drum pattern breathes Brutality! On “Irreversibly Broken” Jay Fernandez displays his ability to create stunning leads which gives Brutality such an advantage towards a lot of other (Old School) Death Metal bands. I’m enthusiastic about the “new” Brutality, ravin’ even, can’t wait to hear a new full-length! (Ricardo)