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Black Hurst – Blinding Pitch Of Victory [EP]

black hurst – blinding pitch of victory [ep]


In my review of the band’s 2023 demo tape I compared Black Hurst mainly with the occult sort of Black Metal of the likes of Varathron and Mortuary Drape, consequently creeping close up to a band like Forbidden Temple from the ever-thriving Belgian Black Metal scene. In the process of preparing myself for the review for this new release, a 7” EP that will see the light of day through Ixiol Productions, I listened back to the 18 minutes of this first demo tape again. While I, of course, still hear back those comparisons, I must admit that I haven’t been entirely complete with my description of that self-titled demo.

The band identifies themselves with the term of ‘Pagan Black Metal Mysticism’, something that does fit the music quite well and covers the occult part of their musical identity. But while I left out that Pagan-bit out of the review I wrote a year ago, I think the term that the band uses is also not quite completely accurate. There is such a strong Heavy Metal component to the music, it is a shame to leave that unmentioned.

So, with this new release, I am getting the opportunity to set a few things straight. On these two new tracks the band offers the same sort of blend as on that same title demo tape. There is a lot of elements from Heavy Metal and Pagan Metal being poured over the band’s core of Black Metal, there’s even some Classic/Epic Doom Metal to be found throughout these two tracks. Compared to the previously released material, this time the band sounds way more compact and even more balanced. In the process of crystalizing their musical influences, with especially giving the Heavy Metal parts a more prominent place in the mix, they have crept awfully close up to bands like Master’s Hammer and Grand Belial’s Key. Yet, there is still a vital part of old Varathron and even Countess to be discerned within the framework of these 10 minutes of new material.

Black Hurst definitely is not a band that brings you the sort of Black Metal that you come across very often, but maybe just because of that, it does go down really well. The band is increasingly developing itself into something truly unique in the landscape of contemporary Black Metal, something that should definitely be cherished these days.

Black Hurst

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Ixiol Productions

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