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Severe Torture – Torn from the Jaws of Death

severe torture – torn from the jaws of death


Great so see that these Dutch brutalists are back with a full length after 14 years since ‘Slaughtered’.

Knowing the band since 20 years and having even shared the stage with 15 years ago it’s great to hear new punishing songs, so let’s go:

Artwork by Pär Olofsson, 10 tracks, almost 40 minutes, so good so far. Production kicks ass, fat and differenciated.

Right from the beginning with ‘The Death of Everything’ they go on full assault here. I hear a lot of Morbid Angel on here, which I love of course and it works, with some killer banging parts alternating with up tempo beats and blast. Even a killer breakdown (not your deathcore ones) makes its presence before a melodic lead kicks in, well written, beautifully executed. Even the clean outro is well done and placed. The next track continues the way and somehow I get a more of a NOX feeling after the first 2 tracks. The balance between blasts sections, groove and soloing is killer (bass line on the 2nd track is brutal in between). Afterwards the more “brutal” side of Death Metal emerges an as u expect from such an experienced band, the songs slay. Suffocation left their mark as well.

But, new album, different elements? Sure, Severe Torture incorporate even some Black Metal like in the title track, which reminds me a bit of Zyklon somehow and to a certain extend also to Morbid Angel as well (you’ll get what I mean). On the 2nd half there is a more atmospheric kind of riffing which comes by surprise, killer!

Newest member since 2018, Damiën Kerpentier, delivers a great job behind the kit, hitting the right notes, always focused on the song.

‘Through the Pain and Emptiness’ got an early Hate Eternal feeling for most of its track till the solo-section where the backing riffing got more of a melodic Death/black metal feel. Great chorus at the end.

The sometimes doubled vocals are well placed and just help to enhance those parts, well done as well!

And the banging continues, there is so much material for your neck, just DEATH METAL of high calibre, brutal, yet heavy and sometimes with the right dose of melody (Erik Rutan kind of soloing here and there) which makes this record a great return and a testament that Severe Torture are back to reclaiming what once was and beyond.

To end this album the closing track starts with a Slayer like evil riff before the hammer blasts just tear everything apart, to make sure there is no sign mercy here, unless yoiu see the groovy solo part as such (only a short moment to cath breath). Great entrancing riff at the end.

A very versatile record, highly recommended for any DEATH METAL fan.

Season of Mist

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