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Hati Hr​ó​ð​vitnisson – Svart Evig Makt [EP]

hati hr​ó​ð​vitnisson – svart evig makt [ep]


Nowadays, Black Metal releases are popping up like mushrooms out of “Mørket Skogar,” and even the places where they’re released are getting exotic.

In this case, Hati Hr​ó​ð​vitnisson was founded in good old Sweden. They released their first EP through a Kazakh label called Obscurant Visions, which was founded in 2020 and may be familiar to some of you for releases by Ceremonial Crypt Desecration, Vampirska and other Raw Black Metal projects.

Hati Hr​ó​ð​vitnisson’s first EP ‘Svart Evig Makt’ marks his first appearance in the Black Metal scene and everything about this project screams “one-man show.” The overall presentation of the artwork, with its black and white cover featuring the main man posing in the center of the chaos summoning his inner beast, isn’t new, but it does the job effectively. Anyone who gets their hands on this product knows what they’re getting.

Sound-wise, it can be placed alongside other modern Raw Black Metal projects. It’s harsh, the instruments seem to sound distant, and the vocals sound as if they were recorded through a shut dungeon door. These are all the impressions you get upon listening to this EP for the first time.

But as Shrek once said, “Ogres are like onions, they have layers,” and so does Hati Hr​ó​ð​vitnisson. With repeated listening, different layers emerge, and the overall rawness loses some ground to Swedish Black Metal melodies. Not that the rawness is completely replaced by wimpy melodies, but it seems like they’re in a kind of battle. The guitar plays thin, haunting melodies that are carried away by nightly winds, followed by wolfish vocals that seem to hunt down the guitar harmonies. All this happens over a drumbeat that creates a field of despair.

It’s often very difficult for me to choose a favourite song, but this time I can pick at least a side. Side B of this sadly short EP is my favourite. It shows what our main character’s journey might become: to break his chains like Fenris did, or for Hati to hunt down the moon. After all, black is eternal power (‘Svart Evig Makt’).

Check it out – it’s definitely worth it. After all, sometimes things aren’t what they seem on the surface.

Hati Hr​ó​ð​vitnisson

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