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Phenocryst – Explosions [EP]

phenocryst – explosions [ep]


Almost unforgivingly overlooked by our hard working team and subsequently buried by time and dust, but not quite. Despite all the mess, all the hardship and excessive alcohol – we present to you the ‘Explosions’ 5 – track EP by Portuguese Death Metal merchants Phenocryst. Champagne!

A new and very interesting band, whose music is ultra-heavy, dark and brutal in the finest tradition of the more extreme realm of Death Metal. As you can see from the intel, Blood Harvest quickly snatched them, which is already a convincing clue of the quality of their music. Expect monumental and overwhelmingly crushing Death Metal from these Portuguese newcomers – genre : Bolt Thrower, Dead Congregation or Incantation. The most iconic heavy hitters in Death Metal history.

Riffs that are as heavy as lead, a demonic tortured inhumanly death grunt from the vocalist and a more than perfect and adequate rhythm section to back up all this violence. Listen to the constant pyroclastic flow of guitar solos that are scattered like pieces of molten lava and volcanic rock, the pounding seismic drums that actually lead these songs to a higher sphere  (I can feel the tremors way down to my toes) – the rumbling bass …

This is music that expresses itself through its tempo changes, bone shattering breaks and horrifying musical undertones! It’s all dread, bleakness and apocalyptic events here. All five compositions are simply flawless. The menacing atmosphere is constantly omnipresent. For a moment, I was even afraid to light a cigarette or breathe normally. I always say this is Death Metal when Death Metal was (still) dangerous in its primordial form. Those exciting moments you were blown away and needed to replay it over and over again. And when purchasing an album you knew it would emerge you in morbidity and unbridled brutality. Death Metal was something that went beyond all previous Metal.

The lyrical content is said to be about death  (sic) in all its forms of recreation and recreation and natural disasters such as super volcanoes and the power they unleash when they erupt. This ‘Explosions’ EP surely erupts – seldom have I heard such an impressive debut that apparently comes out of nowhere and sounds like these musicians have been playing this type of music for ages!It’s a taster for more full length doom to come, says the propaganda sheet. I’d say – let it come and if Armageddon is near – we will have at least some killer tunes to accompany us on the way out.

Phenocryst – ‘Explosions’ gets a maximum score and let us hope the following full length is at least as impressive, if not better.


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