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Cardiac Arrest – The Stench of Eternity

cardiac arrest – the stench of eternity


Cardiac Arrest play a classic Death Metal style that also contains older forms of Grindcore and even hints of punk at times. There is certainly a strong presence of the past here that reflects upon the later 80’s to the earlier 90’s era where a lot of great releases were created or were being formed. Originally beginning in 1997, this long-time running Chicago, USA Death Metal band have been busy cranking out releases for over twenty years strong now.

‘The Stench of Eternity’ brings us to their latest offering of rot and mental torment that is all wrapped up in a ball of Death Metal psychosis! Without holding back, eerie feedback shrieks out and is accompanied soon after by an audio sample in reference to squirming maggots and torment, then the pummeling begins with the first song titled ‘Maggotbrain.’ Blasting drums create the overall beginning here as drill grinding guitars hold sway, giving the predominant assault on all awaiting victims. Mid-paced segments come and go giving the real “Old School Death Metal” vibe that hints a bit on the likes of Autopsy. Vocals of a monstrous nature bellow out with conviction and rage that stands at a podium of death as bones shatter fiercely.

Together, with all this combined, it disturbingly brings out a bit of a horror theme mixed in with a dystopian era where all or most everyone is doomed or soon shall be. The last song on this release ‘From Civilized to Sadistic’ reinforces this giving this release a sort of defining moment.

‘The Stench of Eternity’ boldly lives up to its title and if this release had a scent, it would be of a foul decomposition containing squirming rotten flesh served on a platter of old bones within some dusty desolate ruins. The thoughts of ‘end times’ do come to mind but the beauty of death is the devastating imprint that it leaves upon us as does this new vomited creation from Cardiac Arrest.

Hells Headbangers Records

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