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Corpus Offal – Demo 2024 [Demo]

corpus offal – demo 2024 [demo]


Corpus Offal might be a new band at the Death Metal firmament, but its bandmembers for sure are no stranger to Extreme Metal in general and Death Metal more specifically. The band was founded in the earliest weeks of 2024 by current and ex-bandmembers of bands like Demoncy, Autophagy, Cerebral Rot, Crurifragium, Fetid, Caustic Wound and Bell Witch. While the majority of those bands might sound very different from each other, the four musicians behind Corpus Offal are picking bits and pieces from all of that impressive hotchpotch.

With ‘Demo 2024’ the band is showcasing their potential through its 13 minutes, that is divided in two rather lengthy tracks. And, indeed, while the band’s core comprises Old School and rather murky Death Metal, there is lots of different things going on here. For the most part the music is built around some mid-pace riffing and rhythms, but the choppy and grooving guitars as well as the unorthodox tempo changes drives the music into more Grindcore-like territories. But it doesn’t end here either as a lot of the guitar wizardry reminds of Finnish Death Metal acrobats of Demilich and in the more (sparse) chaotic parts the Demoncy background of two of the band’s musicians is also evident.

Drilling everything down, the music of Corpus Offal could possibly best be described of an Autopsy-based Death Metal band that has a more than healthy penchant for a bit more complexity, offering a more challenging listen than anything Autopsy has ever produced. Yes, there is a bit of Demilich, some Exhumed and a tad of Gorguts as well. The dynamics in pace and the constant changing of riffs and patterns are utterly appealing and definitely make this ‘Demo 2024’ one of the best demos in recent years.

Although the music doesn’t hit any originality here, it is executed in such a professional fashion that it is more than convincing. Therefore it should be to nobody’s surprise that, even in this early stage, Corpus Offal has already been picked up by the 20 Buck Spin label. A label that is increasingly developing a nose for top tier Death Metal, they already delivered quality for the most part but they are taking a leading role in the more technical, progressive and more sophisticated sort of Death Metal. Alright, gentlemen, bring in that debut album!

Corpus Offal

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