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And again a new Old School Death Metal band who released their debut demo last year. Let’s face it, when I’m interviewing an OSDM band, it isn’t strange they have “some” Swedish influences as well. And now for something completely different; I can imagine the members of Disinterred are getting fed up with it, but fuck it…what a true g.e.n.i.u.s. idea to use a Monty Python sample as intro and outro. The “Bring out your Dead” part of “The Holy Grail” is just pure brilliance. I’m already waiting for a band who will use an “oooooooh Eddie….yes Richard?” excerpt (any Bottom fans (…the BBC comedy, mate…) out there?) as a sample… (Ricardo)

First things first…a Bottom sample? Would it be humour that could be discussed within the ranks of Disinterred? Why have you chosen this particular Monty Python sample and how the hell did you come up with this idea?
Oh sure it can be discussed… Anything can be discussed within the band. But to be honest we haven’t really been thinking about a next intro or outro for our upcoming releases. We’re not going to look for it, if we find something that fits the music then we’ll consider using it.
The Monty Python sample was just something we came up with because it’s an awesome movie, a great scene, it’s funny and it’s about death… and we play death metal. It’s a perfect match!

Enough about the samples, let’s talk about Disinterred…how did things got started with the band? And tell us more about choosing the moniker Disinterred, something to do with a pope decades ago?
Things got started a few years ago when both Milly (guitar) and I (Steven – drums) found ourselves without a band. So we started jamming every now and then. We played some covers (Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Carcass, Grave,…) and eventually we started to write some songs. We soon added Kurt as a bass player. After a few songs we thought adding a second guitar player would be a good idea. Dwight joined us, we kept on writing songs and forgot all the covers we played. Finding a singer seemed a bigger problem.
The bandname ‘Disinterred’ came pretty late. I remember we already recorded our demo, when we finally made the decision to use Disinterred. Milly, who’s big fan of cruel midieval death-sentences, found this story of a pope who died and got burried but then was ‘Disinterred’ and sentenced to death once again… But i’m just a drummer so I’m not really sure if that’s the way the story goes. But we liked the name and the story.

There is a switch of vocalists; Dimitri has been replaced by Sven. Can you tell us more about this? Dimitri got good filthy vocals on the demo which fit well with the music, how does Sven sound? Something like Lars-Goran Petrov, Masse Broberg or Jörgen Sandström? Introduce Sven if you please…
Like I said earlier… finding a singer has been a problem for us for a long time. We actually recorded the music for our demo when we didn’t even have a singer or even lyrics to the songs. First we tried out Dennie, who’s the singer in the Black Metal band Saille right now. At the time he was busy recording with Saille and they were getting pretty big. So Dennie obviously choose Saille. Eventually we asked Dimitri to do vocals on the demo. We knew Dimitri as the singer of Fungus Inc., in which Kurt also played bass. He did an awesome job on the demo-songs. After we played two shows, Dimitri didn’t feel like being in two bands anymore. In the meantime we were writing new songs and we wanted to play live. The fact that we had our demo out and played a few shows made it easier this time to look for a new singer. We found ourselves in a position where we had to choose between three good singers. Sven was the one we thought was the best on every level. Sven used to sing in Shattered Skull and Southwicked (featuring Allen West – who’s known from playing in Obituary and Six Feet Under and also from being a Breaking Bad inspiration). So he knows how to sing in a death metal band, he’s got touring and studio experience. Sven has his own kind of sound so I’m not going to compare him to anyone. On the first live shows he did a great job and we can’t wait to enter the studio with him.

You have chosen this kind of style because of its rawness, pureness (no triggered drums, no 7-string guitars,…) and the fact your musical soul was sold after hearing “Stinking Up The Night” album by Death Breath. Can you add anything else about your fondness of Swedish Death Metal? And are there other SweDeath albums you embrace?
I love Swedish Death Metal. SDM grew out of Swedish hardcore-punk and grind music. Most of the members in Disinterred originally come from a hardcore-punk/DIY background with a passion for metal (Death/Thrash/Black/Grind/…). So we can identify with most of the SDM bands’ sound and song writing. You’ll always hear a punk influence in our songs and our sound. Besides the music I think that the SDM book by Daniel Ekeroth (Bazillion Points Publishing) only makes SDM an even cooler subject to put your nose into. My personal favorite SDM bands are obviously the legendary bands like Nihilist/Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Carnage,… But also newer bands like Repugnant, Stench, Morbus Chron, Tribulation,… do a great job at keeping the SDM style alive.

You’ve released your nice and solid debut demo tape, simply called “MMXIII” last year, where did you record it, who produced it, and are you still satisfied with the songs and production? Can you tell us more about the recording process? How are the reactions on this one so far? Can you tell us more about the artwork and why you have chosen this artwork? Why have Disinterred chosen for a tape format and after a while released it as a free download?
The “Demo-MMXIII” was recorded in april 2012 already at Safehaven recordings studio by a friend of ours. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2013 that we got to recording the vocals and eventually releasing it in April 2013. The recording process was pretty basic. 3 songs in 3 days. We all have studio experience, we had a great producer/engineer, we knew the songs, we knew what we wanted… That made it all go very smoothly. We’re definitely satisfied with our demo. For a demo is sounds pretty damn good. And so far we have recieved nothing but great reactions.The artwork is a drawing Kurt found and we felt like it fit our band, sound and songs. We liked the idea of releasing a tape because it’s a demo, and a demo should be on tape. So when people are getting nostalgic to those good old tape trading days they can order our tape. Besides the tape we made the demo available online for free because who wants to pay for a band they never heard of? We’re a beginning band and we know we’re not going to make a lot or any money selling our music. I make music because I like to play music and I wanna share it with everybody who wants to hear it.

Also you guys released a 7” split with The Infernal Sea, a black metal band from the UK and Death Mould Recordings released it. Can you tell us more about that one…and introduce The Infernal Sea to our readers as well.
Kurt, our bass player knew some of the guys in The Infernal Sea from when they were in a band called Eviscerate AD. When they were looking for some shows on a tour we hooked them up and arranged some shows for them. For two underground bands from different countries we thought it would be cool to do a split 7″ together. That way we’ll get noticed in the UK and The Infernal Sea gets noticed in Belgium/Netherlands. We released it ourselved, so Death Mould Recordings is our own record label. We’ve put our own money in it. The Infernal Sea are amazing. Last year they managed to play the Bloodstock Festival and they got mentioned in Terrorizer as one of the most promising unsigned bands of 2013.

Have you played live a lot? Tell some of your experiences playing live. How does a gig of Disinterred look like?
We’ve played a few shows so far. Not as much as we wanted to because the change over in the vocals-section made it hard for us to play shows for a few months. We played two shows with Dimitri. Both were in April and May 2013 and we considered them as try-outs and our demo-release shows. It was only in November 2013 that we were able to play full shows. And I don’t really know what a Disinterred show looks like, i’ve only seen our shows from behind my drumkit. But the way we like it to be is energetic, playing most of the songs back to back, and we like to play loud as well. Milly, Dwight and Kurt are all pretty much gear freaks who are turning deaf because of their own sound. Sometimes they all have to turn down the volume because none of us can hear the cymbals anymore…
So far we shared the stage with great bands like The Infernal Sea, Carnation, Fungus Inc, Deathseekers, Herfst,… And we definitely want to play more shows and even do some tours. Keep an eye on our Facebook/Bands In Town page to stay up to date about our shows.

Have you already written any new songs? If so, in what way do they differ from the “old” stuff if they differ at all?
Oh yes! We’re constantly writing new songs. Even during the time when we didn’t have a singer we wrote a bunch of new songs. Sometimes we even write two new songs during one rehearsal. I don’t know if they differ from the demo songs… They’re all Death Metal songs and we like ours with a D-beat, some slow parts, an occasional blast beat and a solo here and there.

What are your expectations for Disinterred in the (near) future?
We want to play live! A lot! There’s nothing else that can make a band better than to play a lot of live shows. And we’re fortunate enough that we’re getting a lot of chances to play live all over Belgium and the Netherlands. And we want to do weekend tours as well (we all have jobs so a full 3-week tour is unfortunately not possible). There’s not a place in Europe you can’t travel to in a weekend, play a show and get back home on time to call in sick at work! Besides that, we’re busy recording our new songs in our own home-studio that Kurt, our bass-player, is building with his friend Jan Jouck. They’re both gear and sound freaks so it’s amazing to have the chance to rehearse at our studio. We can record whenever we have the time. We’re not sure what we’ll do with the recordings of the new songs… Maybe we’ll release another 7″ or a 10″ or (one sided) 12″ or a double LP. It all depends on how fast the recordings go, on how many more songs we’ll write and on how many samples we’ll find.

Well, that’s everything from the side of VM-Underground. Feel free to add anything which isn’t mentioned in my questions.
We’d like to thank you for showing an interest in our band. To stay up to date about our shows and releases you can follow us on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/disinterred, Buy our demo-tape, 7″ and shirts on our Big Cartel page: http://disinterred.bigcartel.com/, Download or listen to our demo for free on our Bandcamp page: http://disinterred.bandcamp.com/


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