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Vvilderness – Dark Waters

vvilderness – dark waters


Here we go again. Here in front of us we have another one man band that creates gorgeous blackness. Just pure fucking beauty. But let us start with a little bit of info on the person and band responsible for the outstanding output we are discussing here in “Dark Waters.” Vvilderness is the sole product of Vvildr, a.k.a. Ferenc Kapiller, a hugely talented individual who can accomplish everything needed to produce a true piece of art such as this album here. The man handles everything you see, hear and experience when it comes to Vvilderness. Well, except for the female vocalist (Kazumi) who is exceptionally presented on the opening track. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Vvildr takes care of all the expertly played instruments, the dynamic vocals, master level song writing, the crystal clear recording, glorious production and even all of the jaw dropping artwork for everything this band does. And every aspect is downright phenomenal.

Now that I have gushed all over the place all about how I truly feel about “Dark Waters” I guess I should explain what the music held within sounds like. From what The Metal Archives say, Vvilderness is a Post-Black Metal band but on their own Facebook page he lists them as an Atmospheric Metal band with the tagline, “Black metal for people who don’t like black metal.” So, take that as you may, I, in my humble opinion, feel that Vvilderness is an Atmospheric Folk Post-Black Metal band. I know, that is a mouthful but if you ever listen to this man’s work then it will all make sense. Otherwise the only comparison or example of what Vvilderness sounds like to me would be if Agalloch and Woods Of Ypres met up with Altorių Šešėliai and become one big, gorgeous love triangle of a band. And if you never have heard any of those bands, do yourself a favor and go check them out, of course after “Dark Waters” that is.

“Dark Waters” is truly an outstanding work of art, a work that should always be experienced in it’s complete form. That is not to say that these compositions do not stand up on their own merit, for they most suredly can. Yet the grand scope and scale of the whole interconnecting piece produced and conceptualized by Vvildr is somewhat lost when only listening to at a bit and piece at a time. And yes I get it, having a whole thirty-eight minute window of time where you are actually able to fit a whole albums worth of material is harder to find now a days in this hectic, fast-paced world. But find time, fucking hell, make time, for Vvilderness’ “Dark Waters” is worth every god damn second.


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