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Horn – Retrograd [EP]

horn – retrograd [ep]

Horn’s mastermind, Nerrath has already released seven full-lengths with Horn. For me this EP titled “Retrograd” is my first introduction to this German Pagan Black metal band. Therefore I’m not able to say how much I liked the earlier releases but listening to this EP, sure got me interested in more of Horn, so to say.

“Retrograd” is a concept that works, both lyrically and through the music. As a listener you’re taken away on the a journey through a Grimm like world. The storyteller comes at you with a mix of harsh German/Swedish vocals and folkish chants laid upon a bed of atmospheric black metal. The way the title song is composed reminds me somewhat of Panphage in the way of keeping true to melody without losing the much needed aggression. This melody in the riffs brings the folkish feel to the songs. In addition, the use of “non-metal” instruments, like the cello and dulcimer makes it all complete.

Hearing “Die Einder” the first time was a bit of a weird experience for me for it is sung in my native tongue. Yes, I wasn’t expecting that for sure. This song sounds like an addition and stands out compared with the rest of the work. Still this addition is very good and welcome one.

I like this release very much. I’m almost ashamed that I never gave this band an earlier chance. Am I too late? In contrary for me this a good start to dive deeper in the world of Horn! (RuudN)