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Hajduk – Кръв [EP]

hajduk – Кръв [ep]

Hajduk are a band or collective from Sofia, Bulgaria, who play a type of Slavic, raw, rather lo-fi Black Metal with influences and topics taken from Bulgarian history.

This is their first and limited EP, which translates as “Blood”. It contains 3 tracks and a weary, heroic Slavic interlude in the form of an old (?) recording, which serves as an outro.

Raw and lo-fi but still they manage to create a maelstrom of swirling epic riffs, possessed rabid vocals and fast paced drumming. All three songs are well- conceived, offering the necessary variation throughout this EP. These three songs are as infectious as the Ebola virus: once you’ve picked them up, there’s no more escaping this hypnotizing brand of patriotic Black Metal. Personally, the music from Hajduk reminds me of the legendary Blazebirth Hall bands of old, yet way more epic and boasting a far better production. But that same vigor, that same rabid energy is present on this EP.

It’s a pity there are only three real tracks on this ultra-limited cassette EP, which saw the daylight in September 2019. However there seems to a new October 3 track EP release available as well.

Those into Slavic, fast paced epic, yet raw Black Metal without compromises and no frills really ought to check out Hajduk on their Bandcamp site. (LV)