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Cryptopsy – Ungentle Exhumation [Demo / Re-Release]

cryptopsy – ungentle exhumation [demo / re-release]


‘Ungentle Exhumation’ is undoubtedly one of the most important demos from the Canadian metal scene. It marked the start not only of Cryptopsy, but actually of a whole tradition of ingenious Canadian extreme metal. That this 1993 demo was of extremely high quality may perhaps be a little less surprising when you know that the band was actually formed back in 1988 and had released three demos and a full-length album before the band name was changed to Cryptopsy in 1992.

That doesn’t take away from the huge impact the demo had on the local Death Metal scene. And, to a large extent also to the international extreme metal scene as well. Of course, there were Death Metal bands before 1993 that were already taking a more complex and technical turn. It were bands like Atheist, Cynic and Suffocation that paved the way for Cryptopsy, but still, these Canadians gave the unofficial starting shot for a new Death Metal style. With accompanying wave of bands that followed their lead.

The technical Death Metal with generally more challenging and complex song structures that Cryptopsy already offered this early on in their career is of a shockingly high quality. Listening throughout the full 15 minutes of the demo, it is hard to keeping in mind that this is actually the band’s demo tape, as most bands are not even able to reach this level of maturity and overall skilled musicianship in their entire careers. The music on offer gives indeed a challenging listen and also a bit of an idea on how these tracks sounded in their embryonical form as three out of the four tracks ended up on their amazing 1994 released debut album ‘Blasphemy Made Flesh’ and the other track, ‘Back To The Worms’ eventually ended up on 2000’s ‘And Then You’ll Beg’. So, basically, there is not much news to sink your teeth into, but the historical value for the development of Canadian extreme metal and the international Technical Death Metal scene is absolutely priceless.

This demo has seen several reissues over the past few decades, both official and unofficial, but this particular 10” EP is a really well done tribute to these early steps of one of the best Technical Death Metal bands ever and it caught the band at their most visionary moment. And besides this 10” EP, for those interested, this demo was also released on CD by Xtreem Music.

Xtreem Music

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