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Carnal Tomb – Ascend [Demo]

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Only recently formed by Corpse Ripper and Cryptic Tormentor, yet the first official demo release is already here. The two depraved individuals, who founded Carnal Tomb from Berlin (Germany), believe the underground world needs another Old School Death Metal band who deals with the dark side of mankind, be it zombies, mutilation or desecrating a corpse or 10 at the cemetery. It’s been a slow night…but to get back to the subject, yes indeed…the underground needs another Old School Death Metal band, if it has the quality of Carnal Tomb. The foundation of the flesh ripping sounds is the Swedish scene, and more the early days. So we are talking about the demo days of Nihilist and Grave, the more straightforward kind of Old School Swedish Death Metal. But Corpse Ripper and Cryptic Tormentor do have other albums on the shelves as well, which they worship and cherish. The old US scene is right there on the surface, giving the sound a more darker and massive twist. I would almost say…ofcourse…but also within Carnal Tomb, Autopsy is a big influence. And not only Autopsy, old Incantation can be spotted as well. In most cases I’m not a fan of drum programming, but I have to admit the sound nowadays, is far more better than the drum computers you hear on 1990s Death Metal releases. And it’s released on a mighty cassette…Exhume the deceased from the Crypts! (Ricardo)