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Burning Winds – Return To Hell [Compilation / Re-issue]

burning winds – return to hell [compilation / re-issue]


Originally this compilation LP was released by the Polish label Unpure Records in Spring of 2021, specialised in all things foul and wicked, but since it only appeared on CD it now finally got its vinyl treatment through Nuclear War Now! Productions. And, under the motto “why not”, Unpure Records is accompanying this joyous event by releasing ‘Return To Hell’ on cassette tape as well. ‘Return To Hell’ is a compilation LP that brings you 20 tracks that various origins, ranging from some of the earliest recordings to the rather recent ‘Kill, Destroy, Burn’-demo from 2019.

The complete A-side of the vinyl is reserved for the 2001-released ‘Altar Of The Goat’ demo as well as the ‘Blessed By Hell’-demo from 2002. The tracks presented here are slightly different from the originals, as presented on the actual vinyl they are alternative mixes. But to put it mildly, only purists will actually really recognize the difference between the originals and these ones.

Next up are the two tracks that originally appeared on the split 7” EP with Nocturnal Evil from 2010, released by Baphometal Productions. These tracks are mostly remembered because these are the only recordings that feature anyone else besides Necrodan, the only member of the band. On drums there is Nunrapist (who might be known best for being the live guitarist of Wind Of The Black Mountains) and someone who goes by the pseudonym of Lord Klopek.

The next tracks are taken from the ‘Kill, Destroy, Burn’ demo, which was recorded and released a lot more recent, but obviously don’t give you anything remotely more progressed to chew on, compared to the old recordings. Maybe they are a bit less crude in sound and appearance (at least compared to ‘Altar Of The Goat’), but that is really only marginally when put next to ‘Blessed By Hell’.

Last but not least are the four tracks that were released in 2003 on the split CDr with Kerberos and Mistanthropy. These tracks recently also re-appeared on a split LP with Kerberos that was released in 2023 by the Dutch Heidens Hart Records.

If this compilation shows anything in particular, then it is that Burning Winds is as stationary as can be. The band literally never moved anywhere and always stayed true to the raw and primitive Black Metal. Always harsh, never tight, always true to the original late 80’s formula. Still, when just listening through these tracks, I can easily say that ‘Blessed By Hell’ and ‘Kill, Destroy, Burn’ are my favourite demos by Burning Winds and those tracks from the Kerberos/Misanthropy split are never getting old. The whole thing feels like a bit of a random choice of tracks, but in the end, everything sounds the same anyway, and that is exactly how we like Burning Winds to sound.

Burning Winds

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