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Death Possession – Demo: Demiurge of Foul Form [Demo]

death possession – demo: demiurge of foul form [demo]


Fresh to the putrid sounding Death Metal front: Death Possession, from Denver, Colorado. With this debut demo they do present the world that there certainly still is some worthy Death Metal, the stinking, rancid way.

When things are done right, there are no bells and whistles needed. Although there is an obvious overload of mid-tempo Death Metal that pours their deathly tunes in the same way as all the other bands in the Autopsy/Incantation-fashion. Personally I think that musical concept is really wearing out, I sometimes wonder how many bands we need that are just repeating each other and ultimately, even themselves.

Although Death Possession doesn’t bring anything new to the table, things just seem to be falling in place just nicely here on ‘Demiurge Of Foul Form’. It here too is all about Autopsy and Incantation mixed with some elements from the Finnish Death Metal school. This demo, that is available on a self-released CD, is a more or less slow and grinding affair that at times almost gets into a dragging dirge and consequently gives the music a true doomy feel. The only thing that might use a little tweaking is a slight lack of consistency: while all four songs are great in their own respects, they do not feel like a coherent whole. But, taking in consideration that we are dealing with a debut demo here, there is nothing but praise from my side.

Nope, Death Possession doesn’t bring you anything you have not heard before, but this foursome does serve you with some well-executed and unpretentious Death Metal. For a change it is a relief to hear a band that does not go for the simple-yet-effective Swedish Death Metal sound or the cavern-core side of the genre, this is not about being the most brutal, having the lowest tuning or the most gory covers… This is about what the genre is about: great riffs, great Death Metal!

Death Possession

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