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Obscurial – Heretic

obscurial – heretic


It’s a few times that some bands grab my attention. Be it their sound or the album’s cover, sometimes these things make me sit up and take notice. Besides Obscurial checking the boxes on both aspects, they originate from Kuala Lumpur and may be the first that I have heard from this region.

So besides that amazing cover art, which is just amazing (sorry it’s the artist in me) the music just grabs me and gets me drawn into them in so many aspects. Has you listen to their latest release ‘Heretic’, they blend and mold so many different sounds and influences that it makes it almost original.

You can hear a bit of Bolt Thrower, and a tad of Benediction, there is some South American Death Metal in there, with its aural darkness and feeling. There is some Entombed as well, a bit of Diabolic or Monstrosity as well. Maybe even a bit of early Pestilence too. It is hard to single out just one influence.

Now, I’m not saying they are gonna change the world but they achieve their auditory onslaught with conviction and attitude. First off the production is amazing, yeah the bass is a bit low in the mix but the main thing is those guitars, they just crunch along and pummel you with their riffing. You may say that it could be the main draw for most but also the wailing and melodic soloing entice as well. The drums are loud and clear and fit the groove.

After all my ranting and hype, I could go into details but where would I start? I can only say take the time to see/hear for your selves. Also, I like how the band has grown to achieve their approach over time. The album before this, ‘Funeral, Burial And Rites’, gave a big indication of where they were going and I think they really hit the proverbial nail on the head with this release.

This will definitely be on my top 10 list. Maybe for many of you as well dear readers.

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