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Kristillis-Kansallis-Konservatiivinen Suur-Suomi – Rakas seurakunta​.​.​. [Demo]

kristillis-kansallis-konservatiivinen suur-suomi – rakas seurakunta​.​.​. [demo]


Debut demo from this Finnish project or band by musician Kalle from acts such as Oksennus and Lucubration.

Described as being frantic and absolutely demented Bestial Black Metal. That is affirmative. “Meth junkies feverish and spastic trying to rob a church for the collection scale, or a lab that holds stool samples, comes to mind. Said to be inspired by notorious anti-christian crusaders such as Von, Demoncy, Profanatica or Havohej. Well – yes – it bears shit stains from cited bands, but you can easily add scum like Nocturnal Breed, Viking Crown (yessir!) , the Finnish Black/Grind hyper purists Masokismi (Bestial Burst) or a Nargaroth to that list. Not to mention Black Cilice with his high velocity turbo solo’s and his wall of sound. And Black Cilice often comes to mind, sound wise, when you listen to these 4 tracks on the demo.  And speaking of Black Cilice, what about the likes of a Candelabrum, Pa Vesh En, Mons Veneris, Sanguine Relic. Raw, abrasive loudspeaker demolishing and bloody ears Black Metal.

Black Metal insanity is what Kristillis-Kansallis-Konservatiivinen Suur-Suomi ejaculate in your direction.

In the words of the artist himself and I quote :“The band name translates to ‘Christian National Conservative Greater Finland’, a fever dream of a concept put forth by a contemporary Finnish self-appointed prophet.  The band stands against everything the moniker would suggest being ‘good’ or ‘virtuous’.  Let us exhume the skeleton of Christ and feast on his bones while we willingly burn to death together in the House of the Lord!”

That definitely nails it. It takes a nutter to recognize another nutter and this is what Kristillis-Kansallis-Konservatiivinen Suur-Suomi are all about in the first place. Unpure, filthy ravenous loony toon satanic insanity. Rarely have I been so touched emotionally by a demo. 4 tracks of delightful screeching cries and a long belching deep *burp* for vocals, loud pounding drums being hit with hammers instead of drum sticks, guitars completely out of tune yet creating the most perfect sound there is for this … this … torture called music and a bass whose strings are replaced by barbed wire. It is love, all consuming love at first sight with this ‘Rakas seurakunta​.​.​.’ demo 2023. Seriously – when people talk about songs that changed their lives, this is mine. It is 2024 and I have had my very first epiphany!  I will not spoil these 4 songs by translating their titles, you can do it yourself.

It is clear that Kristillis-Kansallis-Konservatiivinen Suur-Suomi aim for much greater things. We’ll just have to sit down and wait.  This is my demo of the year 2023 – 2024 or for all eternity – what do I care?  Fans of Masokismi and Black Cilice and longing for the ultimate satanic humiliation already have this demo for months now.

Others simply must check this out immediately. Whether on cassette or digital, it doesn’t matter! And my day can’t get any better. The demo is out on Sacificial Dance , a Finnish micro label run by Oksennus for the purpose of releasing new music. Mandatory for everyone and those who don’t even have the slightest release of earlier cited bands.  The name, Kristillis-Kansallis-Konservatiivinen Suur-Suomi is going to be as legendary as Von, Blasphemy and all other names you can find in this text. Mark my words.

It gets a well-deserved highest score, EVER!

Kristillis-kansallis-konservatiivinen Suur-Suomi

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