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Bogatyr – Б​о​г​и​н​е М​а​р​е

bogatyr – Б​о​г​и​н​е М​а​р​е


In the summer of 2022 I was pleasantly surprised by Russian Bogatyr’s first release, a 25-minute EP of instrumental Black Metal of an utterly raw and unpolished kind. But it also offered a rather sophisticated sort of kaleidoscope of different cultures and influences. The Lo-Fi sort of Black Metal was heavily laced with a Folky/Pagan atmosphere and even some Heavy Metal like melodies were added to make the whole experience even more mind boggling. Now, the one-man act returns with an equally self-released digital outing, but now we have the pleasure of feasting on over 40 minutes of material.

The core of the 2022-released EP is still very much intact, however the anonymous musician from Moscow seems to have been pushing the limits even further. ‘Б​о​г​и​н​е М​а​р​е’ is still very much a crude affair, but like its predecessor it offers the careful and interested listener way more than your regular copy-paste Lo-Fi Black Metal act. Again we are treated on good loads of late 90’s/early 00’s Dungeon Synth, interesting and moody keyboards, Punky riffs, Heavy Metal leads and above all well-written raw and Punk-like Black Metal that still reminds most of Ildjarn’s musical heritage. The biggest difference between this album and the previously released EP is that this new work, however still raw and Lo-Fi for the majority of the recordings, is a whole lot less crude. At some point the music even sounds warm and harmonious, allowing all the individual elements to shine even more than before.

The album really feels like an adventurous rollercoaster that brings you from one unexpected encounter to the other. Starting off slow and atmospheric but goes into whirling speeds before you know it, just to only temper its pace every now and then to keep you on your toes for the full 40-minute ride. Comparisons are still very hard to draw, but it could very well be like a weird and delirious match-up with Ildjarn, Hate Forest, Master’s Hammer and Bone Awl. Even though vocals are used sparingly on this album, it is still instrumental for the most part, however, due to the masterfully creative way of song writing, the vocals are nowhere missed at all.

Wikipedia told me that a bogatyr is a Russian heroic strong-man, maybe a bit like the counterpart of the Western knight. Regardless of what you make of the intriguing music that is infused with all its unorthodox ideas, Bogatyr fully lives up to its name. It is a shame that the band was not picked up for a release on tape yet, it is very well worth it.


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