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Sorrow Enthroned – The Grave of Endless Writhing [EP]

sorrow enthroned – the grave of endless writhing [ep]

An one-man entity called Sorrow Enthroned who is “taking elements of melodic Black Metal, Death Metal, and Brutal Death Metal to create a sound unnerving and hostile to the enemies of free spirits” and this album tells a story conceptually of hell coming to the surface of the earth and infecting the cosmos. The man has a plan for sure.

The execution of the plan is debatable, especially when “bizarre” isn’t matching with Extreme Metal in your vocabulary. Sure, elements with Black and Death Metal are present, can call it the main thought even, but the uncommon song structures and ideas which are all over the place results in an unpleasant listen, dreadful even. Not in the last place by the sound of the drums…

I bet some will call it artistic, but I can’t imagine someone is waiting for this. (Ricardo)