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Curse the Flesh – Black Majesty

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Some modern sounding melodic Death/Black Metal from the soil of the US. I read labels like Blackened Deathcore, but therefore there is too less –core in the music to call it like that. If it even is a real style. Although the logo could be a bit more “metal” than “core, but maybe it’s just splitting hairs. Although I don’t like the drum sound (sounds more like a drum computer, especially the double bass) as it could sound a bit more genuine, the songs aren’t bad at all. It’s like they mixed some new Hecate Enthroned, new Cradle of Filth, late Lord Belial and let’s say a bit of Estuary and some old Abigail Williams. All this with the variation of a growl and a scream. I paint you quite a picture, don’t I. And although I can’t say everything is enjoyable on “Black Majesty”, still they have ideas and parts (leads, riffs) that are giving inspiration for a good second album. (Ricardo)