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Lifeblind – Demo ’15 [Demo]

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Lifeblind is a new Death Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. This is not a super group made by members of this or that band like sometimes happens. They are really a young band and the members seem to be on their 20’s. The eternal worship to the HM-2 pedal and the Old school Death Metal is what Lifeblind is about. A 2 tracks demo tape to show one more time that Sweden will never stop showing that they are the masters in this style. Sometime ago talking with Jimmy of Entrails we agreed that is not just about to plug a guitar with the HM-2 pedal and play some Death metal riffs (like many bands even from Sweden does lately) is about to have the vibe when playing and writing the songs, something that Lifeblind definitely has on their music. Of course the influences of old Entombed and Dismember are present in these 2 tracks but I can assure you that Lifeblind has the potential for more if they keep in this path of destruction. I really look forward to listen to their album debut. (Jön)